The internet has blessed up with the ability to shop online from the comfort of our own home. With such advanced technology taking over the world, people have used it to their advantage and launched their own businesses.

There are different types of businesses. To make it easy, think of 2 stores. One is a Business to Customer store (B2C) and the other is a Business to Business (B2B) store. A B2C is an exchange of products and goods between a customer and a business, while a B2B is an exchange of products and services between 2 businesses.

Why should I go for a B2B setup?

  • The whole market is thriving with B2B potential. Many businesses collaborate with other businesses to expand their market and reach out to customers internationally. It’s like imagining 2 multibillion dollar businesses, Amazon and Alibaba joining forces.
  • Many platforms offer extensive tools and features to maintain a B2B platform as it’s much more complicated than a B2C platform. These platforms provide all kinds of services a B2B platform needs. This way, your B2B can gain more insights, more traffic and thus more profit.

With many B2B platforms available, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one for YOUR business; so, we saved your time and compiled a list of the differences between all leading platforms.

  • User Experience

This is one of the most important features your B2B platform NEEDS to have. It cannot survive without it. There are 3 things that matter to the customer; Quality, usability and aesthetic.

  • Shopify provides free and customizable, high quality templates for you to design.
  • Woo Commerce and Magento, both of them offer themes designed and maintained by the developers.

A growing business requires a platform which can adapt easily to all your needs.

  • Shopify has servers all around the world so you don’t have to worry about your site crashing due to load.
  • Woo Commerce can provide you hosting and support from WordPress.
  • Magneto has its own Digital Commerce Cloud especially designed for this purpose.
  • Customer Service

This should be every business’s priority for very obvious reasons. If you have unhappy customers due to your slow service, you will lose your potential customers as well.

  • Shopify allows customers to review their experience and choose their own options while shopping.
  • Woo Commerce provides quick and different payment methods suitable for every customer.
  • Magneto wants customers to have a more personalized experience by allowing them the option of speedy delivery and quote requests.
  • Service and product management

Your customers will always expect high quality products and services for the money they’re paying.

  • Shopify makes it easier to add product information. It allows the customer to view full information of the product in the catalog.
  • Woo Commerce have their own personalized catalog to display products.
  • With customized catalogs, Magneto also creates personalized price list for businesses

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