Although, the ultimate goal remains to be ‘more sales’, balancing both – B2B and B2C on the same platform is an act that not all can master.

B2B as we know stands for business to business where transactions are made between two commercial organizations. On the other hand, there is the B2C model that is an acronym for business to consumer. Through this platform, the business owner sells goods and services to the final customer.

Take the example of shoes. Yes, we buy them straight from the store but have you ever wondered the stages it goes through to reach the respective outlet. The shoe merchant performs several B2B businesses such as acquiring raw material, packaging supplies, and even purchases embellishments from different vendors to produce the footwear.

However, the direct purchase we make for the shoe from the outlet is an act of B2C. Other examples of B2C purchases include buying pizza, paying for the internet connection, and paying for services at the salon. In simple words, the B2C service is the sale of products that reach the customer directly who does not have any intention of reselling.

But can you manage both the services from the same platform without compromising the loyalty of your wholesale and retail consumers alike. Will Shopify cater to both the services from the same website?

B2B and B2C – Can you balance both?

Yes, it is possible to cater to both – the wholesale and retail buyers but there are many pitfalls to watch out for including pricing. The marketing required for both the business models also contrasts significantly.

One of the best ways to manage both the aspect of selling is to create separate logins for both the consumer base.  This way each of your customers will have unique access to different price structures and the required quantity of the product.

Shopify, one of the top B2B ecommerce solution offers a variety of apps that you can integrate in your shop to serve both the types of audience – wholesale and retail. The apps also allow you to add extensions for discounts and special offers that are only applicable for the wholesale consumer.


Despite the upheavals, you can balance both the platforms together. Find out your opportunities and drawback to determine the platform best for you and if you do decide to try out both together – play around with various b2b wholesale platforms to find the perfect solution for you.

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